The best journey takes you home

Lorie Ramey-Thompson began her real estate career very early in life. Very, very, early! As a child, Lorie collected quartz rocks from around her home and sold them to her bevy of uncles for spending money. Her family jokes and says Lorie was selling Rabun County dirt before she finished elementary school! 

Lorie is married to a local contractor, Anthony Thompson. They live at the old Thompson Farm on the bank of Popcorn Creek and have two grown children, Joe and Kendall.  All the Thompsons love to spend time outdoors. They have a large vegetable garden, and Lorie loves to can and preserve the home-grown bounty.  Anthony is an avid deer hunter and fisherman, and Lorie loves to camp and cook outdoors. They make a great team! 

51 Years in Rabun County

"A Tradition of Trust"