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Do you need an agent to sell your property?


In this age of available information, I often run across sellers who question why they need to pay my brokerage fees. Many sellers believe they can "list" their home online, and buyers will line up to buy their property. In some rare cases, it may be that easy to find a potential buyer, but that is the exception, not the rule.

I often meet sellers who have tried to sell their property and have decided to enlist a professional to help them after some disastrous efforts of their own. I hear stories of being tied up with a buyer who was not qualified for the loan they needed. I hear of failed inspections and buyers who changed their minds in the process. Are you sure those people who just toured your home are real buyers? Real Estate is not for the faint of heart. It is a tough business. 

When I go out to a listing appointment, I already have an idea about the property based on conversations with the owner and a records search I perform before heading out. On my initial visit, I will assess quality, condition, features, and any apparent issues the property might have. The seller is benefiting from my lifetime of experience in selling homes and land. I have an average of 40+ sales a year, with 37+ years in business.

I know you have seen the cartoon showing a home sketched in multiple sizes and conditions, as viewed by the owner, the tax assessor, the appraiser, the home inspector, the banker, and the buyer. It is a comical cartoon, but it holds a lot of truth. When I look at a home to list, I am trying to see it from each of those perspectives. My job is to use my lifetime of experience and price your home in that perfect slot. No too high, and not too low. Appraisal, inspections, and curb appeal are on my list when I view your home for the first time. 

I have the best marketing available for the property. I use professional photography and showcase homes and land in many different formats. I pay for services that place your property on search sites in all areas of the country and all major search engines. I still use print media. Since we are in a seasonal market are and a tourist area, glossy, color magazines are still a tool to sell homes. They are expensive but needed in this area. I use direct mail that often goes to your neighbors and potential buyers, to tell them that your home is available for sale. I offer to "co-operate, " a fancy word meaning the Buyer's Broker gets half of the commission you pay to my firm. Your listing goes into Georgia MLS with 47000 agents who have access to the details of your listing. I only get paid back for all of these expenses if I get to the closing table with you and a buyer. Selling your property is my priority. 

I know and understand disclosure laws. By law, sellers have to make certain disclosures to buyers, and some of these carry stiff penalties if they fail to do so. Not to mention that Sellers could be guilty of fraud if they intentionally hide defects. I understand how to navigate the problems that arise during home inspections. I use my years of experience in negotiating in getting you a workable sale even if there are problems. I have never sold a perfect property. 

I can help you assess all offers: How to take a weak offer and turn it into something achievable or in figuring out where an unseen pitfall might be in what appears to be a good offer. Finding a buyer and negotiating a purchase offer is just one facet of getting to the closing table. 

Many transactions are Dominoes, with multiple people selling homes and buying another home. One problem with a sale in the line of house sales can cause an issue with all of the closings. This situation can turn into a nightmare. Having a voice of experience in the process is critical. 

There is much more to consider when selling than just the price. When you have to vacate and how do you handle getting repaid for that full tank of propane? What happens if the basement floods the day before closing? What if the heat pump goes out? These are real issues that come up in home sales every day. Many details go into selling a home. Having someone experienced at your side is critical. There is very rarely an "easy" sale. Almost every deal has a wrinkle or two, and many are like pulling teeth to get them to closing. 

Not all agents are created equal. I will put your interest first. My years of practical experience benefit you. I work to make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible. Call me if you are considering selling property in this area. Let me be your guide.

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