Lorie Thompson
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January 23, 2012 9:10 pm

The ink isn't dry on a new real estate agent's license before someone who has been selling a while lays it out to the rookie.... "Lesson number one is,  Buyers are liars".  It is said in a derogatory tone, as though this ranks right up there with murder 1 in the line up of sins. 
 Yes, it is true that buyers are very likely to change their mind in the search for real estate. I have sold homes mountain top homes to clients who assured me they would never drive these mountain roads and I've sold isolated creek front homes to people who wanted a condo in town. I have always believed that part of my job when I am helping a client find their perfect mountain land or home, is helping them confirm if their initial thoughts are what they really want.  Sometimes it takes looking at different types of properties before you know what your really want.
 I have often had a client come to me with a very detailed description of their dream property. Maybe a mountain top home with a view of 3 states. They are sure of what they want and we proceed to look around. The more time I spend with them the more I realize that they are not willing to drive the mountain road required to get to the top of the mountain, they love to fish and there is a home for sale alongside a beautiful stream that has every design detail they desire. Well, guess what. My job is to show them what they didn't know they wanted.
 Don't be afraid to look at property outside of your initial criteria list. Ask me if there is something else that is special that might work for you. 
 Yes, buyers are often times proven to be  liars.... with a little help from their Realtor.

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